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Tile Boxes

What are they?

I have found 2 different systems. They work almost alike. One is called Think-it-Through (Versa Tiles) (They only carry books in English, for a variety of subjects), and is made by an American company called ETA Cuisinaire. (They also sell their boxes through an online company Discovery Toys). You have probably heard from them, because you are using other materials such as the Cuisenaire Rods. The other one is called Loco doos and is made by a Dutch publisher called Noordhoff Uitgevers (They only carry books in Dutch, for a variety of subjects). I have used their Mini and Maxi Loco Doos during my childhood. Now they also have a box for preschoolers. The Mini Loco doos has a clear top, which makes it easier to introduce to new users, when you use their books. In addition, their Mini Loco Doos books have only one exercise per page, which makes it easier to put the clear top on the bottom (answer section). The tiles in both the problem and the answer section are the same area as the tile itself, and are all numbered 1-12.

How do my cards work with any of those two systems?

Independent of which of the two systems you use, you can use the cards I made. I suggest, you print them out in color, cut the problems and the answers in two cards. Write the title or code on the back of each. Laminate those and lay them in the box.

You put the problem card in the top of the box(text up). You put the answer card in the bottom of the box (text up). You put all tiles in numeral order on the problem areas. When you take tile 1 of the problem, you only have one area open. Now you read the problem, and think of a possible answer. You will find the right answer in the answer area. You put your tile on it. You continue with the other tiles in the same way. When all tiles are in the box, you close the box, turn it over and look at the design. (If you use a Loco doos; compare your design with the design on the card. Does it match?)

Pictures... (money math 1+ 2)

Additions 0-20

Subtractions 0-10









Note: my cards are all made by myself, unless noted otherwise. Both companies selling the tiles have a hugh variety of books and content areas they cover. It is worth it to check them out!